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I am drawn to random patterns where ever they present themselves. Cement is a great canvas
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I am drawn to random patterns where ever they present themselves. Cement is a great canvas
Farah 2_edited.jpg


Farah Naz has lassoed the sensual tones of her Eastern heritage by combining her melodic vocals with the adrenalized energy of Western hard rock. The resonant depth of the EAST & the driving edginess of the WEST have fused seamlessly in her songs.

Born into a well-off home in Pakistan, raised in a suburban town in Texas, and having lived in the antiquated romance of the UK for over a decade,
Naz's life is a blend of rich cultures, dark moments, and revealing stories. The darkness of some extremely soul-mangling childhood events coupled with the richness of culturally diverse experiences have made Naz a force not to be ignored. And this is her matriarchal queen-like power.


Naz grew up with a father who is an accomplished sitar player. And throughout her childhood, greats like Ravi Shankar and others of his caliber regularly frequented their home for music gatherings. Alongside this wealthy backdrop of eastern music, her British and American cousins sent her western records from abroad. This audial infusion of east and west cadences in her early years has allowed her to forge an undeniably unique signature as a songwriter.


After moving to the States at the age of 10, she began performing at youth rallies, in school musicals, and other large-scale events and festivals. By age 11, she found herself singing to audiences of up to 5000+. With an insatiable desire to communicate truths through songwriting combined with a ferocious drive to command impact into people’s lives, performance became her perfect throne. Eventually, music took her to London, where she worked with some of the best producers & musicians and performed and even held residencies at some of the most renowned London music venues, including The Clapham Grand, The Half Moon Pub, The Troubadour, Notting Hill Arts Club.

A massive family tragedy brought her back home to the States. Naz took some time off to translate the pain into strength. Thus, Fading Nemesis was born. In the next short time, her warriors, as she calls them, Jason Riot (guitar), Kyle Christian (Bass) and Chris Hazard (Drums) joined the fN journey.


According to Naz, especially in these disjointed days, "music is the only sensical language that can express our deepest feelings, give our lives palliative hope and unite us, as a human race. Music expresses that which cannot be said and that which cannot remain silent". Serving this tenet, Naz and her extraordinarily talented band members are preparing to release their debut album.


With the unequaled production and engineering talents of LARRY ELYEA, DUSTY BOLES and TRISTAN HARDING, Fn's debut album is surging with lyrical anthems, robed in rugged honesty and uncaging 'freedom manifestos'. With raging guitars, primordial bass and drums, hauntingly sonorant vocals and perfectly seasoned production, the songs are blatantly compelling and yet deeply welcoming.


The record is set for release Fall of 2023.Fn is also preparing for shows in November 2023 as support for SAVING ABEL.


the voice of 



Jason Riot

JASON RIOT is the guitarist of Fading Nemesis. With vast influences across myriads of genres, RIOT brings a fresh and unique style to the music. Whether contemplatively plucking an acoustic melody or riotously ripping face-melting riffs, RIOT's playing is messianic and is sure to engulf your soul. 

He is also pivotal support to Ms NAZ, on and off stage, as a general, shielding and serving his queen.


RIOT is an integral part of the song writing. He also carries the role of musical director of FADING NEMESIS. RIOT leads the band to uphold not only the highest musical standards, but also cultivates in them the importance of internal excellence. As a chief officer would, RIOT commands his duties with great passion and his passions with great duty.

RIOT exudes an almost demigod, poseidonic strength. Experiencing his playing and performance is like jumping into the deepest part of the ocean; all consuming and fiercely powerful.

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Kyle Christian

KYLE CHRISTIAN is the bassist and the rib-cracking screaming backing vocalist of FADING NEMESIS. CHRISTIAN's playing is forged from a dizzying range of styles/genres of music and a studied mastery of an endless list of instruments. His experience as front man and lead vocals from earlier days in his career also lends him a key understanding of all the moving parts on the stage. All of these pieces combined are what give CHRISTIAN an undeniably powerful energy on stage.


CHRISTIAN's virtuosic grip of music and his physically energetic performance is something special to behold. It is akin to watching a viking warrior on the battlefield. 'Slaying it all' with his bass axe.

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Chris Hazard

CHRIS HAZARD is the drummer of FADING NEMESIS. HAZARD has lived many lives. Walked many paths. Gathered many stories. All of which were mantled by his love and passion for music.


HAZARD came to music at the fledgling age of 5 when he studied drums under the iconic Joe Morris (Whitney Houston, Esteban, Steve Vai). This led him into diverse rhythmical expeditions as he was growing up. Playing Brazilian jazz, blues, country and church worship to name a few. He landed on rock by high school and beyond. On deployment in Iraq, he stayed close to home in his mind and heart by feeding his soul the music of Thousand Foot Krutch, POD and Ra. After returning from OEF/OIF in 2008, HAZARD continued studying drums with the late great Brett Frederickson while performing with several local bands in Arizona.  


As a combat veteran, HAZARD has, in his own words, "operated in (more than his share of) hazardous and hostile environments." Though the word 'hazard' commonly conjures the notion of danger, it also signifies the meaning providence. And this is evident when you meet and watch HAZARD perform. bringing all the chaos of the storms of life to a reckoning like a steadfast and stalwart soldier.


I am drawn to random patterns where ever they present themselves_edited_edited_edited.jpg
FOUND - In The Woods
fN - Live
fN - Live
I am drawn to random patterns where ever they present themselves. Cement is a great canvas

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